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Final Fantasy XV: How to defeat the Adamantoise to earn the Tortoise Toppler Gold trophy

Final Fantasy XV presents a number of fascinating and intriguing new challenges for series veterans and newcomers alike. The vast open world presents an interesting new approach to the FF experience, and with that came a long development cycle. That lengthy wait has helped make Final Fantasy XV one of the most anticipated games of all time, and now that it’s finally here, we can jump in and start exploring and enjoying the world for all that it’s worth!

To start things off we’ve already taken a look at Final Fantasy XV‘s Achievements and Trophies, and in this guide we’ll speak specifically about one Trophy in particular: the Tortoise Toppler Gold Trophy.

Aside from the obvious “collect all Trophies” Platinum trophy, this is probably the toughest Trophy in the game, as it involves defeating an Adamantoise, which is no easy task. In this guide we’ll take you through the necessary steps in order to take out the beast and progress without having the weight of this Gold trophy lingering around.

Step 1: From Chapter 9 onwards, preferable once you’ve finished the main story line, there will be a sidequest called “Let Sleeping Mountains Lie”, which is a Cindy sidequest. Now, after Chapter 9, return to Cape Caem via the Call Umbra, and answer the call from Cindy.

Step 2: Return to Hammerhead, where Cindy will be waiting for you. Speak to her.

Step 3: Head over to the Longwythe Rest Area, and have a chat to Dave.

Step 4: Head inside the diner and speak with Dino.

Step 5: Head to the east of Longwythe Peak, and speak with Monica.

Step 6: Once the quest is complete and you receive 1000 EXP, accept the “Lonely Rumblings In Longwythe” hunt.

Step 7Defeat the Adamantoise. This is no easy task, and this beast is perhaps the toughest in the game to take down. This will take you a very long time, so don’t give up, and stick with it. Follow these dot points and you should be able to take care of it very efficiently.

  • Ensure you have the Airdance nexus in the Combat Ascension tree.
  • Stock up on as many recovery items as possible before you start the fight.
  • You ideally want to be at at least level 40 before trying this.
  • Warp-strike to one of the Adamantoise’s body parts, and attack the neck or eyes with some aerial combos. When a combo ends, quickly direct the left analog towards the beast so that you can initiate another combo.
  • Utilise both Armiger Freechain (Ascension ability) and Magitek Boosters (consumable) to keep the combos going and get an infinite MP boost. This will help you keep aerial combos going for even longer.

The trick is to keep in the air and attack as often as possible, and to be as effective while close to the target as possible. If you break out of the combo and start falling to the ground, use forward warp or point-warp to avoid falling damage. You should be able to cause 9999 damage with each hit. Don’t risk it when low on health: create some space, recover your health, and repeat. If you die, you will need to start the fight from scratch, and even on a level of 60-plus, it could take you 30-50 minutes depending on your skill level.

Have any tips you would like to share? Sound off in the comments below!

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