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Pokemon Sun and Moon Evolutions: Full Pokemon Evolution List

Pokemon Sun and Moon includes 80 new Pokémon, not counting the alternate forms and Aloha forms of existing Pokemon. This bumps the total number of Pocket Monsters to 802, 302 of which appear in the base game of the seventh generation titles.

After dozens of hours combing through the tall grass of the Aloha region, we’ve pulled together this comprehensive list of how to evolve all of Sun and Moon’s 302 Pokemon.

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How To Read This Guide

Each individual line lists the Pokemon, the level they evolve at, and the Pokemon they evolve into.

As an example:

Rowlet Lv17 Dartix Lv34 Decidueye

That means that Rowlet evolves at lvl 17, into Dartix, which evolves at lvl 34 into Decidueye.

Each line is a natural progression of the evolution stage, with the required level or additional requirement, followed by the desired outcome.

Pokemon Evolution List

Rowlet Lv17 Dartix Lv34 Decidueye

Litten Lv17 Torracat Lv34 Incineroar

Popplio Lv17 Brionne Lv34 Primarina

Pikipek Lv14 Trumbeak Lv28 Toucannon

Yungoos Lv20 (Daytime) Gumshoos

Rattata Lv20 (Nighttime) Raticate (Aloha Form)

Caterpie Lv7 Metapod Lv10 Butterfree

Ledyba Lv18 Ledian

Spinarak Lv22 Ariados


Pichu Level up w/ Max Happiness Pikachu Use Thunder Stone Raichu

Grubbin Lv20 Charjabug Level up @ Vast Poni Canyon (Poni Island) Vikavolt

Bonsly Level up w/ Mimic (learns at Lv15) Sudowoodo

Happiny Level up holding Oval Stone (Daytime only) Chansey Level up w/ Max Happiness Blissy

Munchlax Level up w/ Max Happiness Snorlax

Slowpoke Lv37 Slowbro

Slowpoke Trade holding King’s Rock Slowking

Wingull Lv25 Pelipper

Abra Lv16 Kadabra Trade Alakazam

Meowth Level up w/ Max Happiness Persian (Aloha form)

Magnemite Lv30 Magneton Level up @ Vast Poni Canyon (Poni Island) Magnezone

Grimer Lv38 Muk

Growlithe Use Fire Stone Arcanine

Drowzee Lv26 Hypno

Makuhita Lv24 Hariyama

Crabrawler Level up @ Mount Lanakila (Ula’ula Island) Crabominable

Gastly Lv25 Haunter Trade Gengar

Drifloon Lv28 Drifblim

Misdreavus Use Dusk Stone Mismagius

Zubat Lv22 Golbat Level up w/ Max Happiness Crobat

Diglett Lv26 Dugtrio

Spearow Lv20 Fearow

Rufflet Lv54 Braviary

Vullaby Lv54 Mandibuzz

Mankey Lv28 Primeape

Cutiefly Lv25 Ribombee

Petilil Use Sun Stone Lilligant

Cottonee Use Sun Stone Whimsicott

Psyduck Lv33 Golduck

Magikarp Lv20 Gyarados

Barboach Lv30 Whiscash

Machop Lv28 Machoke Trade Machamp

Roggenrola 25 Boldore Trade Gigalith


Rockruff Lv25 Lycanroc (Daytime w/playing Sun, Nighttime w/playing Moon)

Tentacool Lv30 Tentacruel

Finneon Lv31 Lumineon

Mareanie Lv38 Toxapex

Shellder Use Water Stone Cloyster

Bagon Lv30 Shelgon Lv50 Salamence

Lillipup Lv16 Herdier Lv32 Stoutland

Eevee Use Water Stone Vaporeon

Eevee Use Thunder Stone Jolteon

Eevee Use Fire Stone Flareon

Eevee Level up w/ Max Happiness (Daytime) Espeon  

Eevee Level up w/ Max Happiness (Nighttime) Umbreon

Eevee Level up @ Lush Jungle (Akala Island) Leafeon

Eevee Level up @ Mount Lanakila (Ula’Ula Island) Glaceon

Eevee Level up w/ Max Affection (Use Pokémon Refresh) Sylveon

Mudbray Lv30 Mudsdale

Igglybuff Level up w/ Max Happiness Jigglypuff Use Moon Stone Wigglytuff

Surskit Lv22 Masquerain

Dewpider Lv22 Araquanid

Formantis Lv34 (Daytime) Lurantis

Morelull Lv24 Shiinotic

Paras Lv24 Parasect

Poliwag Lv25 Poliwhirl Use Water Stone Poliwrath

Poliwhirl Trade with King’s Rock Politoed

Goldeen Lv33 Seaking

Feebas Trade w/ Prism Scale (found Exeggutor Island) Milotic

Fletchling Lv17 Fletchinder Lv35 Talonflame

Salandit Lv33 (Female only) Salazzle

Cubone Lv28 (Night time) Marowak

Magby Lv30 Magmar Trade w/ Magmarizer (found Pino Island) Magmortar

Stufful Lv27 Bewear

Bounsweet Lv Steenee Level up w/ Stomp (learns Lv29) Tsareena

Goomy Lv40 Sliggoo Lv50 (w/ Raining) Goodra

Wimpod Lv30 Golisopod

Staryu Use Water Stone Starmie

Sandygast Lv42 Palossand

Cranidos Lv30 Rampardos

Shieldon Lv30 Bastiodon

Archen Lv37 Archeops

Tirtouga Lv37 Carracosta

Phantump Trade Trevenant

Nosepass Level up @ Vast Poni Canyon (Poni Island) Probopass

Chinchou Lv27 Lanturn

Type: Null Level up w/ Max Happiness Silvally


Trubbish Lv36 Garbodor

Cleffa Level up w/ Max Happiness Clefairy Use Moon Stone Clefable

Beldum Lv20 Metang Lv45 Metagross

Porygon Trade w/ Upgrade (Aether House) Porygon2 Trade w/ Dubious Disc (Aether Paradise) Porygon-Z

Pancham Lv32 w/ Dark-Type in Team Pangoro

Elekid Lv30 Electabuzz Trade w/ Electirizer Electivire

Geodude Lv25 Graveler Trade Golem

Sandile Lv29 Krokorok Lv40 Krookodile

Trapinch Lv35 Vibrava Lv45 Flygon

Gible Lv24 Gabite Lv48 Garchomp

Snorunt Lv42 Gailie

Snorunt Use Dawn Stone (Female only) Froslass

Sneasel Level up w/ Razor Claw (Nighttime) Weavile

Sandshrew Use Ice Stone (Ula’Ula Island) Sandslash

Vulpix Use Ice Stone (Ula’Ula Island) Ninetails

Vanillite Lv35 Vanillish Lv47 Vanilluxe

Snubbull Lv23 Granbull

Shellos Lv30 Gastrodon

Carvanha Lv30 Sharpedo

Wailmer Lv40 Wailord

Exeggcute Use Leaf Stone Exeggutor

Jangmo-o Lv35 Hakamo-o Lv45 Kommo-o

Scyther Trade w/ Metal Coat (TBC) Scizor

Murkrow Use Dusk Stone Honchkrow

Riolu Level up / Max Happiness (Daytime) Lucario

Dratini Lv30 Dragonair Lv55 Dragonite

Cosmog Lv43 Cosmoem Lv53 (Sun) Solgaleo

Cosmog Lv43 Cosmoem Lv53 (Moon) Lunala

Richard Mckenzie

Sunday 1st of April 2018

Eevee must know a fairy type move to evolve into Sylveon and you only need 2 Affection hearts not Max

Richard Mckenzie

Sunday 1st of April 2018

No it's always been 10

Daniel Miranda

Saturday 30th of September 2017

Metapod actually evolves into butterfree in level 15 and not level 10.

Richard Mckenzie

Sunday 1st of April 2018

No it's always been 10

Katrine Lyngaas

Friday 13th of January 2017

Cubone actually evolves into Marowak during Nighttime, not daytime. At least that's the case for PKM: Moon. :)

Master Fenix

Friday 13th of January 2017

Hey @katrine-lyngaas Thanks for that. I'll update the article.

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