FIFA 17 has a big weekend planned FIFA 17 has a big weekend planned
If you haven't yet tried out FIFA 17, then this weekend's your chance. FIFA 17 has a big weekend planned

If you haven’t yet tried out FIFA 17, then this weekend’s your chance.

EA Sports has announced that FIFA 17 will be free to play this weekend on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, starting Thursday, November 24 at 10am PT and lasting until 11:59pm PT on Sunday, November 27.

The trial, which was previously limited to EA Access members on Xbox One, will allow full access to career mode, although if you’ve already played the trial on EA Access, you won’t be able to test it out again.

The Journey, FIFA 17‘s new career mode, will also be playable, but only a small portion of it.

The good news is that if you choose to purchase the game on the same platform you play the trial, your progress will be carried over and you’ll be able to continue from where you left off.

If you take the plunge and invest in FIFA 17 — and you definitely should because it’s great — be sure to check out our Career Mode Tips for The Journey, which will help you rise up the ranks to become a superstar.

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