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Mass Effect Andromeda’s shiny cinematic trailer reveals new story details

Mass Effect Andromeda‘s reveal at E3 2015 feels like a distance memory. It’s been nothing more than rumours, a handful of interesting but mostly insignificant leaks, and plenty of discussion since EA first lifted the lid on the game. Now, some 17 months since that first reveal, we finally have a new trailer, and it offers plenty of insight into BioWare’s latest epic.

It reveals nothing in the way of gameplay or dialogue options, but we do get a look at the characters we’ll be controlling and interacting with.

The original trilogy’s protagonist, Shepard, won’t be back (understandably). Instead, the starring role is filled by Ryder — either Scott or Sarah, depending on which sex you choose during the character creation process. Some outlets have reported that it will be two characters — siblings, going by the surname — although this wouldn’t be in line with Mass Effect’s character creation suite. Perhaps players get to create both, and will alternate during the game.

A few of the nasty alien races from the original trilogy will return, named the Asari and Korgan. Mass Effect Andromeda is not expected to be of direct connection to the original trilogy, and will instead establish a new lore with subtle references to Shepard’s tale.

Mass Effect Andromeda takes place 600 years after the events of Mass Effect 3. Interestingly, Ryder and co. left before the Reaper war from the original trilogy, meaning the floating in space for centuries.

Stay tuned for more Mass Effect Andromeda coverage in the coming days.

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