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Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Armory location guide

In Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, you’ll be able to earn equipment and weapon upgrades at Upgrade Terminals, which are found at Armories. These Armories can be found throughout the campaign, but they can be easy to miss.

There are two Achievements/Trophies related to finding and using Armories: the “Gear Up” Bronze Trophy, which also grants 15 GS on Xbox, and “Fully Equipped”, which is a Silver Trophy and offers 30 GS on Xbox. We’ll have more details on how to unlock these in our Achievements/Trophies guide.

Generally, when you find an Armory, you will find extra weapons, ammunition, and often, a special weapon. These armories are not in every mission, making them particularly useful and important to utilise when you do happen to come across one.

In this guide, we’ll take you through where to find each armory.


There are two armories in this mission.

The first you’ll come across right after receiving the mission objective to “Repeal the SDF forces from the cargo hangar”. You won’t miss this first one, as it’s part of the mission. Make sure you use it to steal technology from the enemy.

The second armory in this mission is accessible shortly after a timer appears on your HUD towards the end of the mission. There’s a long corridor, and the armory is located on the right wall. You’ll need a Proximity Hack in order to gain access. This armory offers a KB45 and Type 2 weapon.



The armory is accessible during the objective, “Recover The Stolen Technology”. You’ll take out a C8, and move down into a room with some ammunition sitting in the middle of the room. Once inside, activate the door to find a P-LAW Energy Launcher. Use this weapon to take out those powerful C8s. There’s also a terminal in this room for upgrades.


During the objective, “Access Life Support”, you’ll see an armory in the first hallway. Look for an ammo crate, then turn left and head down the hall. You’ll need to Proximity Hack the door to gain access. Use the upgrade terminal, and don’t forget the Oni Pistol.

During the objective, “Acquire the weapon sample”, you’ll need to battle some Seeker-Bots, not to mention heavy fire from rocket launchers and snipers. Take them all out, and Proximity Hack the door to gain access to the armory.



During the objective, “Acquire tech officer credentials”, you’ll find the armory in the right corner of the large room (it’s impossible to miss). You should look for it before you pursue the tech officer, because you may not get a chance to return. Open it using a Proximity Hack, and take the Eraser weapon inside.



You’ll find this armory during the objective, “Find a suitable landing zone for the assault team”. Once you drop down into the main living quarters area, head outside and go for a little wander. You’ll notice that the armory is to the left of where you exited. You should be able to find the KBS Longbow, and DCM-8 Shotgun here.



During the objective, “Look for survivors”, the armory can be found near a toppled vending machine, with a poor old civilian trapped underneath. Face the kitchen sink in this area, and look to the right corridor. You’ll find the armory down this corridor, with a Kashima weapon there for you.



During the “Stop Riah from calling in the SDF fleet” objective, you’ll reach an area where a building shifts its weight upon you. Once you clear the area and jump over to a brightly lit door, you should reach the spot from where a sniper was previously perched. The armory is inside this area, offering plenty of upgrades and unique weapons.

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