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The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Pro update adds HDR support

Critically acclaimed PlayStation exclusive The Last Of Us is getting a PS4 Pro update ahead of the console’s launch next week.

The update, which is live now, adds a number of new performance features that aim to take advantage of the console’s enhanced capabilities.

It will add 4K native rendering for the game’s PS4 Pro version, as well as high dynamic range (HDR) colour support for both the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions. No one knows how the game looks running rendered in native 4K, but some gifs and videos are circling the web showing it off on HDR-compatible television sets.

The early update suggests Sony is planning to use the game, which launched on PS3 in June 2013 and on PS4 a year later, as one of the selling points of the PS4 Pro.

tlou-4k-2 tlou-4k

The PS4’s 4.00 firmware update, which was released back in September, made every console HDR-ready. The unfortunate thing is that few games actually support the feature, although that is expected to change with the launch of the PS4 Pro.

Here’s a gif of a comparison of the two versions, thanks to NeoGAF user bananafactory. The darker, detailed version is HDR:

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