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Skyrim Special Edition mods: 10 essential mods to improve your experience

Skyrim Special Edition is finally upon us, bringing the five-year-old classic into a new generation with all additional DLC, updated graphics, and, of course, mods. Lots and lots of beautiful mods!

The game is available on Xbox One and PS4, and while PS4 gamers won’t get as varied access to mods as Xbox One gamers (blame Sony for that, folks), there are still a number of mods available to PS4 gamers to sink their teeth into and improve their experience with.

Unfortunately, PS4 mods can’t use external access, which has limited the current number to around 50 at time of writing, whereas the Xbox One number is hovering around 100. You get an extra 5GB of internal game space for mods on Xbox One, compared to 1GB on PS4. There’s no doubting that the better Skyrim Special Edition experience of the two is on Xbox One.

Initially, Sony didn’t allow user-created mods, but a compromise was met for Fallout 4, which will allow users to create mods using the Creation Kit. As mentioned above, however, PS4 users will be restricted to using in-game assets only.

Once you get your grubby hands on Skyrim Special Edition, be sure to check out these mod essentials listed below. Firstly, let’s get the basics out of the way.

How to use and install Skyrim Special Edition mods

Step 1

Visit and scroll through the list of mods to find one that you like.

Step 2

When you find a mod that you like, click “Add To Library”.

Step 3

Sign in to your Bethesda account, or create a new account, and connect it to your Xbox Live or PSN account.

Step 4

Download and install the mod on your console!


Skyrim Special Edition mod essentials

This list will guide you through some absolute mod essentials you need for your Skyrim Special Edition experience. Most of the mods listed below are only available on Xbox One. Some may also not work as intended when combined with other active mods.

Skyrim Scroll Crafting


This mode allows you to craft every scroll in the game using basic items that you find throughout the game world. It also has its own perk through the Enchanting skill tree. A useful little mod that does away with the hours of grinding only to end up with decent spell.

Download Here


Campfire: Complete Camping System

skyrim mod

This mod immediately grants you two new Survival Skills: Resourcefulness and Instincts. Building a campfire can grant XP bonuses, and allow you to stalk nearby prey using your newly acquired Instincts skill. It has its own stand-alone skill system, which can be accessible from any lit campfire.

Download Here


The Forgotten City

skyrim mod

This award-winning mod offers an additional 6-8 hours of unique story-based gameplay. It follows a murder mystery investigation set in an ancient underground city. It’s entirely non-linear and allows you to explore the city, offering multiple endings, an original orchestral score, and a professionally voiced dialogue.

Download Here


Aethernautics: A Space Travel Modskyrim mod

This unique mod offers a large, open dungeon for players to explore, as well as a new, unmarked quest to find and reactive the lost Aethership. There are new weapons, items and areas to visit, and the ship can be used once you activate it.

Download Here



skyrim mod


This mod introduces you to M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N., a new mechanically morose counterpart. There’s more than 2000 lines of dialogue, as well as a large quest featuring up to 8 hours of additional gameplay, with custom dungeons, puzzles, spells and armor to explore and discover.

Download Here


Alternate Start – Live Another Life


This is one of the more unique and thought-provoking mods for Skyrim. You start your life out as someone other than a prisoner, and follow an intriguing tale as you go out on your adventure. If you’re going to try one custom expansion, make sure it’s this one.

Download Here


Blackreach Railroad

skyrim mod

More story, more quests, more dungeons, more skills, more weapons, more armor … MORE EVERYTHING! Also adds a working train level, meaning you have an alternative to the standard fast travel system.

Download Here


Rich Merchants Of Skyrim

skyrim mod

A simple mod than grants every merchant 10,000 gold, meaning they are no longer mostly too poor to buy your stuff! Works with most mods so long as other active ones don’t change merchant gold level.

Download Here


Dovahkiin Keep

skyrim mod

A large castle that can hold a lot or armor and weapons with well over 100 Mannequins, allowing you to create every possible armor combination you can come up with.

Download Here


Open Cities Skyrim

skyrim mod

Open Cities Skyrim is an ambitious project that brings back the “feel of Morrowind”, allowing you to walk into different parts of the world without loading screen. The mod promises to add to the immersion and realism of the experience.

Download Here

Recommend any Skyrim Special Edition mods? Sound off in the comments below!

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