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Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta – Everything you need to know

Activision and Infinity Ward are set to kickstart Call Of Duty season with a multiplayer beta for Infinite Warfare.

PlayStation 4 players will get a chance to go hands-on first with their beta this weekend, while Xbox One players will need to hold off until the following weekend. You’ll need to pre-order in order to gain beta access.

Here’s everything we know about the beta.

Infinite Warfare beta schedule

The beta is schedule for two different time slots:

  • PlayStation 4: October 14, 10am PDT (October 15, 4am AEDT) until October 17 at 10am PDT (October 18, 4am AEDT)
  • Xbox One: October 21, 10am PDT (October 22, 4am AEDT) until October 24 at 10am PDT (October 25 at 4am AEDT)

Combat Rigs

Combat Rigs are new to the Call Of Duty franchise. These rigs are combat systems or “suits”, which are chosen and worn by players and then customised for tactical purposes. These essentially act as “classes”, inspiring six distinct play-styles that can be altered and swapped during matches.

These rigs can come with one Payload and one Trait; the former being weapons or abilities that are activated mid-match once earned, and the latter being persistent passive abilities throughout a match. Three of each can be unlocked in the game.

The beta will feature three of the six different Combat Rigs.


The Warfighter rig is designed as a mid-range assault player. The aim of this play style is to strive for fast kills and quickly arriving at an objective.



  • Claw
  • Combat Focus
  • Overdrive


  • Ping
  • Persistence
  • Resupply



The Merc rig is a heavy defence and suppressive fire class.


  • Steel Dragon
  • Bull Charge
  • Reactive Armor


  • Infusion
  • Man-At-Arms
  • Shock Wave



The Synaptic rig is perfect for fast and close-quarters combat.


  • Equalizer
  • Rewind
  • Repair


  • Combat Burst
  • Propulsion
  • Rushdown



Mission Teams is a new metagame being introduced into Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s multiplayer. When you complete a mission while enlisted in one of the two teams, you rank up and earn rewards for yourself and your team.

The two teams in the beta (there are four in the final game) will be:

JTF Wolverines

They favour aggressive combat and have the motto “First in the Fight”.

Orion Initiative 

Their creed is “Vigilance to Victory”, and are defined by organised strategy and tactical approach to objective-based missions.



The Infinite Warfare beta will feature three maps:


  • Fast-paced and circular
  • Small part of a space station near Neptune
  • Long, central corridor attracts most of the action


  • Three-lane, linear area
  • Set atop icy surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa
  • Demands vertical combat


  • Three-lane, bent map
  • Sits on a giant space station, but is an ode to 1950s “Main Street USA”
  • Has a large circular lane ring perimeter
  • Centre square with multiple avenues allows for flanking and numerous approaches



Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill Confirmed will all be on rotate throughout both scheduled betas. There will also be “some surprises”, with the new Defender mode tipped to be included.



What are you most looking forward to seeing in the beta? Sound off in the comments below.

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