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Mafia 3 Playboy Locations Guide – Where To Find All 50 Editions

Mafia 3‘s fascinating world of New Bordeaux is scattered with collectibles, including the fantastic classic editions of Playboy. If, like me, you read the articles (I swear I do!), then you can actually find some really great original interviews in the 50 Playboy magazines to be found.

This article is a more specific version of our Mafia 3 Collectibles Guide, which also details Vargas Paintings, Hot Rod Magazines, Communist Propaganda, and Junction Boxes.

Delray Hallow | River Row | Pointe Verdun | Downtown | Tickfaw Harbor | Frisco Fields | French Ward | Southdowns | Bayou Fantom | Barclay Mills



1. Playboy (August 1966)

  • In the Everyday Laundromat on the desk.

2. Playboy (August 1964)

  • In Sammy’s Bar in the basement.

3. Playboy (November 1967)

  • Look for a green house. It’s on a desk in the living room.

4. Playboy (May 1964)

  • Head inside the Double Barrel Bar, on the bar counter.



1. Playboy (July 1964)

  • On a desk in an office in a Bayside Shipping warehouse.

2. Playboy (June 1966)

  • In the Fresh Crab shack, on a table in the kitchen.

3. Playboy (June 1963)

  • In the Baby Bear BBQ restaurant, on a cabinet out in the back office.

4. Playboy (February 1966)

  • Look for a large warehouse. It’s on a large wooden table on the second floor catwalk.

5. Playboy (May 1966)

  • Look for a small two-story building. It’s at the top of the stairwell.

6. Playboy (October 1967)

  • In the River Row slums, in a shack on a table.

7. Playboy (December 1967)

  • Look for a wooden chair on the porch of a riverfront house.



1. Playboy (July 1965)

  • On the beach near the lighthouse.

2. Playboy (August 1967)

  • Head into the green house to find it on a table.

3. Playboy (November (1965)

  • Look for a house under the freeway. It’s outside the house on a table.

4. Playboy (September 1968)

  • Look for a large warehouse. It’s on a desk on the second floor.

5. Playboy (August 1965)

  • Look for a garage near Bevers Moonshine operation. It’s on a black couch inside the garage.

6. Playboy (October 1965)

  • In the police station back lot, look for a trailer office. It’s inside.

7. Playboy (May 1967)

  • Look for Burke’s Iron & Metal garage. It’s on a tool bench in the corner.

Barclay Mills


1. Playboy (January 1964)

  • Look for trucks parked in the garage. It’s on a table behind them.

2. Playboy (September 1963)

  • Look for a wooden shack on the hill. It’s on a table.

3. Playboy (February 1964)

  • Look for a cabin in the hill. It’s on a blue metal table.

4. Playboy (November 1963)

  • Look for a ranch house on a hill. It’s on the back porch.



1. Playboy (January 1967)

  • In the Auto Service office, on the desk.

2. Playboy (November 1966)

  • Head into the sewers, where you’ll find it sitting on a shelf on the workbench. Enter through the tunnels where you found the Revolución Cuba poster.

3. Playboy (June 1967)

  • Look around for the park monument. It’s hidden in the flowers in this area. Look for a palm tree in the northeast part of the park.

4. Playboy (April 1965)

  • Behind Shaker’s Jazz Club is a construction yard, which you can access during the “Cavar’s Construction Racket” missions. It’s on the desk inside the trailer office.

5. Playboy (December 1964)

  • Look for a garage that is sitting on the shoreline. There’s a magazine in the desk, in the office.



1. Playboy (October 1968)

  • Head inside Shooter’s Bar. It’s behind the bar.

2. Playboy (July 1967)

  • Inside the small train depot, the magazine is on a desk.

3. Playboy (July 1962)

  • Head to the shipyard building. There’s a stairwell you can use to reach the rooftop to find the magazine.

4. Playboy (August 1962)

  • Inside the office of the shipyard, on a desk.

5. Playboy (May 1965)

  • There’s a small office on the waterfront. It’s inside on a desk.



1. Playboy (April 1967)

  • There’s a house on the lake. It’s on the floor inside.

2. Playboy (October 1968)

  • Head to the top of the tower that looks over the city. It’s called “Duvall Lookout”.

3. Playboy (March 1967)

  • There’s a two-story house, with a little secondary home to the side (small enough to be a parking garage). It’s on the table in the backyard.

4. Playboy (March 1965)

  • Look for a house with a huge backyard. It’s under a pergola, stacked between some chairs.

5. Playboy (September 1965)

  • Look for a small shack to the right of a wooden house.



1. Playboy (February 1962)

  • Look for a house among the trees and grass. There should be two lounge chairs outside. The magazine is near these chairs.

2. Playboy (February 1967)

  • Look for a small green garage sitting behind a red-brick house. It’s on a workbench inside the garage.

3. Playboy (April 1961)

  • There’s a warehouse in the area with decking and four garage doors lining the side. It’s on a workbench inside.

4. Playboy (November 1968)

  • There’s a large house in this area with an outdoor pergola. The magazine is resting on a grill under this pergola.



1. Playboy (September 1967)

  • Head to Neil A. Arthur Stadium. It’s in the stands.

2. Playboy (March 1968)

  • There’s a long, green home in this area. Head inside. It’s in the bathroom.

3. Playboy (March 1966)

  • In the Pearl Diver motel, on a table on the second floor.

4. Playboy (December 1967)

  • Look for a building with rooftop access via a stairwell to the south side of the building. Enter through a green door. Magazine is on the rooftop.

Bayou Fantom


1. Playboy (June 1962)

  • Look for an old shack. The magazine is on a table inside.

2. Playboy (June 1968)

  • There’s a stilted shack built over the water. The magazine is on a workbench inside.

3. Playboy (August 1968)

  • Look for a small, broken down and ageing shack among the trees. The magazine is on a dressed in the bedroom.

4. Playboy (June 1968)

  • There’s a stilted, riverfront home in the bayou. The magazine is on a picnic table in this area.

5. Playboy (1962)

  • There’s a single shack in this area, the only one. The magazine is inside.
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