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Pokemon Go to get other generations of Pokemon, Android Wear support ‘pretty likely’

While it seems like Pokemon Go hype has died down for the time being, there’s more content on the way that will surely reignite interest in one of the most successful smartphone games of all-time.

Niantic CEO, John Hanke, took to the stage at the TechCrunch conference in San Francisco this week to talk about Pokemon Go and upcoming content for the game.

Is Ditto in the game?

First up, Hanke confirmed that Ditto is indeed in the game and that someone will eventually find it. There had been heated discussion among Pokemon Go fanatics that assumed Ditto was simply inaccessible, but it does exist.

Player numbers

Hanke also admitted that Pokemon Go player numbers have dropped significantly since launch, but that it’s still strong. No numbers were provided, but Hanke insisted that it was still attracting big numbers.

Android Wear

For Android users, Hanke said it was “pretty likely” that he game is coming to Android Wear.

Battling Improvements

Hanke said that while the team wasn’t working on improving battling at the moment, it will “make it to our roadmap,” suggesting it will be addressed in the future.

More Content

The current content available in the game is just the “tip of the iceberg”, with “interesting” stuff coming to Pokemon Go in the near future.


Niantic is working on events, saying they “will be part of the future”. However, the studio is still waiting for the “craziness of the launch to die down”, as it might be too challenging to create fun events for thousands of people at once.

Pokemon will likely come from these events, with Hanke saying they were working on adding other generations of Pokemon beyond the original 150.

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Friday 16th of September 2016

That would be amazing! I want to go around the city fisting random objects to catch all the Pokemon

Gaetano Prestia

Sunday 18th of September 2016

Like you need an excuse to go "fishing" in the city  [yep]  [cool]

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