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Pokemon GO XP Chart

Know which actions in Pokemon GO earn you the highest XP is important to quickly level up your character.

There are many, MANY ways you can earn XP in Pokemon GO. Knowing exactly what reward you earn for certain actions can certainly help you prioritise, and if you’re intent on grinding it can certainly help you hone in on specific actions and areas that you know are ripe with Pokemon.

As soon as you find a Pidgey, there is a cheeky way to exploit that Pokemon and the Lucky Egg, which can help you evolve Pokemon really quickly. With every Pidgey, you earn three Candies. Catch a few Pidgey Pokemon, use a Lucky Egg to evolve them, and gain a sweet XP boost. That’s 1000 XP per evolve.


Pokemon GO XP Chart

Here’s what each action in Pokemon GO earns you in XP.

Catch a Pokemon with a Curveball

  • 10 XP

Catch a Pokemon with a Nice Throw

  • 10 XP

Catch a Pokemon with a Great Throw

  • 50 XP

Spinning a PokeStop

  • 50 XP

Catch a Pokemon with an Excellent Throw

  • 100 XP

Catch a Pokemon

  • 100 XP

Win a Gym battle

  • 150 XP

Win a Gym battle against two Pokemon

  • 250 XP

Win a Gym battle against three Pokemon

  • 350 XP

Win a Gym battle against four Pokemon

  • 450 XP

Hatch a new Pokemon

  • 500 XP

Evolve a Pokemon

  • 500 XP

Catch a new Pokemon

  • 600 XP

Evolve a new Pokemon

  • 1000 XP



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