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Xbox exclusive ReCore is eight hours long … or maybe more … the dev can’t be sure

ReCore is more than just an intriguing Xbox exclusive: it’s one of gaming’s most anticipated titles across all platforms, period. Developed by the team behind Metroid Prime and Mega Man — there’s a whole lot of collaboration going on — it looks set to offer an emotional and fascinating journey through what appears to be a stunning open-world.

So just how long is the game going to be? Rarely do AAA games, not to mention exclusives, clock in at under ten hours, and ReCore hopefully will be no exception.

Interestingly, game director Mark Pacini believes the game could take a mere eight hours to complete…although if the team’s past efforts are anything to go by, there will be many more hours of content there to play through.


“I’m horrible at gameplay hours,” Pacini told to VentureBeat. “With the first Metroid [Prime] I said it was going to be eight hours and it ended up being something like twenty four. I think we’ve put a lot of value into this game, though. It’s the proper length of time for the adventure, the story we’re trying to tell. Take that with a grain of salt, knowing I’m horrible at estimate. It’s eight hours, and take that with a warning.”

Okay so, going by that statement, ReCore could be anywhere from eight to 24 hours long. If it is anything like Metroid Prime on the completion scale, then hopefully we get something closer to 24 hours. But eight hours? I’m not sure it would matter so long as there is enough content to substantiate the experience. Game length I feel is becoming less important these days. So long as there is a lot to do in the game world, the story is strong and the mechanics are engaging enough, length means little. ReCore’s budget price of $49.95 in Australia suggests it will be very short, but that doesn’t really diminish the game’s quality if, as I said, what’s actually in the game is of a high quality.

ReCore launches exclusively on Xbox One on September 13.

Daniel Soul

Wednesday 13th of July 2016

Looking forward to blasting through this and completing it in one session lol

Master Fenix

Wednesday 13th of July 2016

Eight hours is one session?

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