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Pokemon GO rule 34: Of course PornHub sees a jump in Pokemon-related searches

The world is engulfed in Pokemon hysteria thanks to the launch of Pokemon GO. To get a grasp on just how crazy it’s all been, get a lot of these Pokemon GO facts to blow your mind.

People are talking about and searching for the game like crazy, and as expected, “rule 34” has kicked in to prove just how insanely popular Pokemon GO is at the moment.

As of July 11, PornHub searches for “Pokemon” rose a staggering 136%, which can surely be attributed to the rising popularity of Pokemon GO.

The porn site has set out to define the demographics keen on explicit Pokemon material, and the results are unsurprising.

Of the 136% increase in searches for Pokemon on PornHub, men were 62% more likely to search for Pokemon porn. The category was also 336% more popular among the 18-24 age demographic compared to all other age groups, while the 25-34 age demographics was 289% more popular than ages beyond that group to search for it.

Strangely, a majority of those searching for Pokemon porn had also searched for…Minecraft porn. The more you know!

Fans of Strategy, Roleplaying and Action games were more likely to search for it than fans of Shooters and Sports games, while “Casual” gamers were searching for it more likely than “Hardcore” gamers.

Interestingly, South Americans and Central are strangely fascinated with Pokemon porn, more so than any other continent on the planet, and are proportionally more likely to search for the term than people in other areas.

Check out the full statistics below.

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Daniel Soul

Wednesday 13th of July 2016

I didn't know what Rule 34 was before this article...

Master Fenix

Wednesday 13th of July 2016


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