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Red Dead Redemption cheats and Easter Eggs for your return to the Wild West

Red Dead Redemption is available from today for Xbox One via backwards compatibility. One of the best games of last generation (and probably of all-time) has finally joined the growing list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles.

Here’s how you can get the most of your return to the Wild West.

Red Dead Redemption Cheats

Cheats in Red Dead Redemption work like cheats in any other game: they allow you to immediately unlock and access a number of features that would otherwise have to be earned or found in the game world. While many games allow you to cheat unpunished, Rockstar games generally have a price to pay for cheating, and you will no longer be able to earn Achievements on the save game you have used cheats on. There have been reports of cheat codes corrupting game save files, but this is only another reason why you should reserve one save specifically for using cheats and causing havoc. Game saves that have cheats activated generally have a description that is marked with a star within a parentheses.

How To Enter Cheat Codes

  1. Go to the “Options” menu, and then select the “Cheats” option.
  2. Press “Y” on your controller and type in the cheat code.
YOU GOT YOURSELF A FINE PAIR OF EYES Lewis and Clark Unlocks all areas. (Excluding West Elizabeth )(Doesn’t remove blockade on borders)
HE GIVES STRENGTH TO THE WEAK Invincibility “God” mode (doesn’t work in water). This cheat is glitched and could turn off at any moment.
I DON’T UNDERSTAND IMNFINITY Infinite Dead Eye Infinite Dead Eye.
ABUNDANCE IS EVERYWHERE Infinite Ammo Infinite Ammo. (may glitch out if John changes outfits)
THEY SELL SOULS CHEAP HERE Decrease Bounty Decreases Bounty by 500.
I WISH I WORKED FOR UNCLE SAM Diplomatic Immunity Removes the current wanted level and immune to future wanted levels.
IT’S MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT Gun Set 1 Gives you Volcanic Pistol, Springfield Rifle, and Double barrel Shotgun.
I’M AN AMERICAN. I NEED GUNS Gun Set 2 Gives you Fire Bottle, Buffalo Rifle, Sawed-off Shotgun, Semi-Automatic Pistol, Schofield Revolver, and Winchester Repeater .
THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, WE THANK YOU! Money Gives the player $500.
BEASTS AND MAN TOGETHER Horse Spawns a random horse.
MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES Infinite Horse Stamina Your Horse never gets tired, Nor bucks you off.
DON’T YOU LOOK FINE AND DANDY Sharp Dressed Man Unlocks the Gentleman’s Attire, Legend of the West and Rancher Outfits and the Elegant Suit.
HUMILITY BEFORE THE LORD Who? Decreases fame to zero.
OH MY SON, MY BLESSED SON Jack Attack Changes John Marston into Jack Marston, and sets the game to 1914 with 72% completion. Also completes all the missions in story mode.
THE OLD WAYS IS THE BEST WAYS Old School Enables a sepia filter.
YOU THINK YOU TOUGH, MISTER? Gang Chic Unlocks the Walton’s Gang, Bollard Twins, Treasure Hunter, Bandito and Reyes’ Rebels Outfits.
IT AINT PRIDE. IT’S HONOR Good Guy Sets Honour to max.
I LOVE A MAN IN UNIFORM Man In Uniform Unlocks the U.S. Army and Bureau Uniforms and the U.S. Marshal Outfit.
NOW WHO PUT THAT THERE? Coach Spawns a stagecoach, Wagon or cart.
I’M DRUNK AS A SKUNK AND TWICE AS SMELLY Hic Makes you drunk infinitely.


Red Dead Redemption Easter Eggs

  • Head to the Coot’s Chapel. It’s in the Cholla Springs region of the New Austin territory, southeast  of Armadillo. While there, look for a grave marked, “A Cowboy Without a Name”. It’s a reference to Clint Eastwood‘s Man with No Name.
  • While you’re at Coot’s Chapel, look for a tree with graves lined next to it. There is a lantern next to the tree: throw a fire bottle at it and watch it explode and expose a grave. Look inside the grave and you’ll see a corpse, perhaps a reference to the DLC Undead Nightmare.
  • Head to the Blackwater Chapel in Blackwater in the Great Plains region of the West Elizabeth territory. There is a grave beside the chapel for a man named Harrison Cherry, who died in 1968. This means he dies AFTER the events of the game.
  • Another tombstone near the Blackwatre Chapel has the name “Clinton Underwood”, an obvious play on the name Clint Eastwood.
  • Another tombstone has the phrase, “Wake me…if something interesting happens”, which seems to be a reference to a quote by Master Chief during Halo 3‘s post-credit scene. Before going into cryo sleep, Master Chief says to Cortana, “Wake me…if you need me.”
  • There is speculation among Red Dead fans that a horse that spawns around Tumbleweed is possessed by the devil. When you enter the church in Tumbleweed, there is even the words, “THE DEVIL HAS GOT INTO THAT BEAST” scrawled on the top of the altar.
  • There is a cheeky reference to the web-based machinima Red vs Blue. In the Undead Nightmare DLC, one of the Achievements requires you to kill a Chupacabra. The Achievement is called “Chupathingy”, which is what Sarge calls the Chupacabra while making fun of Grif during a famed episode of the show.
  • There is a fairly obvious reference to GTA: San Andreas. An Achievement in Undead Nightmare requires you to kill a Sasquatch. The Achievement is called, “Six Years In The Making”: GTA: San Andreas was released six years before Redemption. There is also a fabled myth that Bigfood resides in the hills of San Andreas (although this has never officially been proven). In the French version of Undead Nightmare, the Achievement is called “Don’t Seek It Anymore, CJ”, a reference to San Andreas‘ main character CJ searching for the Bigfoot.
  • There is a town in the game called Plainview, which could be a reference to the 2007 film There Will Be Blood. In the film, the main character in Daniel Plainview is obsessed with oil and money, and owns a number of oil drills across the Western United States. The town of Plainview is based around several oil derricks. There is also a character working in an office in Plainview that looks a lot like the Plainview from the film.
  • Redemption‘s spiritual predecessor, Red Dead Revolver, is mentioned a number of times during the game. When joining a campfire, you may hear NPCs telling a story about a dueling contest won by Red Harlow, Revolver‘s main protagonist. Campfires in Mexico often refer to Colonel Daren and General Diego, two characters that also appeared in Revolver.
  • The gang hideout ‘Twin Rocks’ appears in both Redemption and Revolver.

Have any other Red Dead Redemption cheats of Easter Eggs? Share them below!

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