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LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens cheats: Unlock Character Codes

LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens is finally upon is, bringing the latest epic entry in the Star Wars franchise to the hysterical universe of LEGO.

There are many different characters to play as in LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens, and most are already available to you as you play through the Story Mode. You’ll unlock additional characters as you progress through the chapters, and these can be purchased at any time.

There is another group of characters that are unlocked as you discover carbonite in the hubs. There is a Decarbonizer inside the medical building on D’Qar, which provides a list of each character that you can unlock.

You can choose to play through the game and unlock the character as you progress and find collectibles, or you can use the below cheat codes to unlock the characters immediately.

Select the “Enter Code” option in the pause menu to input these codes.


LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens cheats: Unlock Character Codes

Calun Ematt 26F2CF
Chief Petter Offier Unamo 2DZXDM
GTAW-75 ‘Geetaw’ 2YU4NX
FN-2187 (Helmetless) 3RRVAV
FN-2112 4T3UNK
Special Forces TIE Pilot 59J67X
Trentus Savay 638FNX
Kaydal Ko Connix 9FJKF4
Quinar A4EHFJ
Monn Tatth A5JR9V
Dasha Promenti BJZA6F
Crokind Shand BQPKPA
Guavian Security Soldier C73CNV
Teedo CP6ETU
Hobin Carsamba E889GQ
Mi’no Teest GBE8ZC
Officer Sumistu GVNBWB
Snap Wexley HTN3RD
Wollivan J3GMHE
Oskus Stooratt K6JXJT
Flametrooper LRYUBB
Korr Sella NGSEKH
Nien Nunb P8KXSA
Major Brance Q8KRC6
Goss Toowers QZTZX9
Jessika Pava SBUSCW
Hoogenz V3H6RU
Lieutenant Bastian XQZ7C6
Unkar Thug YABPYU


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