Overwatch ultimate quotes ranked from least to most terrifying Overwatch ultimate quotes ranked from least to most terrifying
The Ultimate Ability in Overwatch is the definitive way to take control of a match and turn things in your favour. Overwatch ultimate quotes ranked from least to most terrifying

The Ultimate Ability in Overwatch is the definitive way to take control of a match and turn things in your favour.

Some are powerful assault abilities, while others are support abilities for your team.

Knowing how and when to react when you hear an enemy’s Ultimate quote is key to getting out of the line of fire and staying alive. We have ranked each Overwatch character’s Ultimate quote from least to most terrifying so you know how urgently you need to react…and what best to do in that situation.

We’ll continue to update this list once Blizzard adds some more characters to fold. In the mean time, watch out for these Ultimates when you’re playing, and know how best to respond!

25. “Pass Into The Iris”

zenyatta ultimate


Zenyatta’s Ultimate makes him invincible for a short period while also significantly healing his teammates around him. It won’t cause you any damage so it’s not something you need to urgently run away from, but it makes firefights with enemies tough due to their temporary boost in health.

Be sure to keep moving and avoid any direct assault fire on enemies with a health boost, and then as soon as Zenyatta’s ultimate is finished, attack!


24. “Let’s Drop The Beat! / Oh Let’s Break It Down!”

lucio ultimate quote


Like Zenyatta, Lucio’s ultimate provides teammates with a temporary health and shield boost. However the difference here is that the shield boost is significant, far greater than what Zenyatta offers, so keep a good distance.

The shield reduces once the Ultimate has finished, but getting into a firefight with enemies utilising the boost is pointless. Stay away, but not too far away.


23. “Warīhum quwitak!” / Show Them Your Power!”

ana ultimate quote


Ana is an especially useful ally due to her ability to give you a damage output boost for her ultimate. Whenever you hear that as an enemy, however, it’s time to start taking notice of other enemies around you. A nearby Soldier, Hanzo, Genji or Reaper will probably benefit the most from this due to their mobility, while a Bastion can also be increasingly devastating.


22. “Apagando las luces / Turning Of The Lights”

sombra ultimate quote


Sombra discharges electromagnetic energy in a wide radius, destroying enemy barriers and shields and hacking all opponents caught in the blast. It’s not terrifying, although it can certainly be game-ending if the enemy is attacking (or defending) and suddenly all of their abilities stop working. Imagine being on the last line of defense with seconds remaining, and you can barely do anything! Concerning, sure, although I don’t think it’s that terrifying.


21. “Heroes Never Die”

mercy ultimate quote


Mercy’s Ultimate allows her to bring teammates back from death within a very limited time period. Whenever the opposing team has Mercy, always be prepared to reengage an enemy you’ve just taken down.

There’s generally a second or so where you have the advantage as the character is regenerated, so there’s no real need to run out of the area unless you’re alone.


20. “冻住,不许走!” (Freeze! Don’t Move!)

mei ultimate quote


Mei’s Ultimate is annoying but useful for teams that concentrate all of their fire on frozen enemies. If you see her drop her rotating red ball, sprint out of the area as quickly as possible so as to not get caught up in the freezing process.


19. “Ogon po gotovnosti” / “Fire At Will” (friendly)

zarya ultimate quote


Zarya’s Ultimate is somewhat of a support ability, as it sucks in all nearby enemies and bundles them all together to make for an easy target for her teammates. It’s a powerful ability but easy to avoid, and all too often it’s utilised in the wrong circumstance, and often when teammates aren’t prepared to take advantage of it.


18. “Cease your resistance”


Orisa joins the Overwatch roster with a great variety of abilities that really diversifies the tank class. Her Supercharged ultimate deploys a device that increases damage dealt by allies.

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The danger here is if the opposition has multiple tanks or powerful offensive heroes. This ultimate fused with Soldier’s visor, or a Torbjorn or Bastion, can cause utter havoc for the opposition.


17. “Hammer Down!”

reinhardt ultimate quote


Reinhardt’s Ultimate is more annoying than anything. It stuns your character for a few seconds, leaving you incredibly vulnerable, but it still takes a few swings of his hammer to kill you if you have full health. It’s essentially impossible to avoid once you hear it, but so long as you have teammates nearby you should be able to survive his onslaught after being stunned.

Just be sure to get up and run away as soon as your character is revived.


16. “Surrender to my Will!”


Whenever you hear this, you just know that the enemy team is about to make a big push. Much like Zenyatta’s Ultimate, Moira’s can make nearby allies essentially invincible, provided they’re within range of the beam. The more frightening thing here is that the beam also causes damage, and when combined with its healing abilities, can absolutely wipe out an enemy team. Stay out of range at all costs!


15. “Molten Core!”

torbjorn ultimate quote


This is where you need to start considering leaving an area. Torbjorn’s Ultimate gives him a significant health and shield boost, and also upgrades his turrets from level 2 to level 3. Leaving the area promptly until his Ultimate is over will give you a better fighting chance of taking him down.

As for his turrets, use Reaper to reach them or Tracer to blast past them and taken them out from behind.


14. “Personne n’échappe à mon regard / No one can hide from my sight”

widowmaker ultimate qupte


You need to be wary when you hear Widowmaker say this, because it gives the opposition a temporary radar view of the whole map, meaning each of your teammates’ locations can be seen through walls. There’s no hiding from Widowmaker and Hanzo in this case, so try to avoid large open spaces, and if you have the flexibility to, try to stay inside until the Ultimate is complete.


13. “Bombs away / Time’s Up”

tracer ultimate quote


Tracer’s sticky bomb does tremendous damage, and she’ll likely only use whenever there’s a large cluster of enemies nearby. As soon as you hear her say this, get out as fast as you can!

The trick here is to keep a lookout for Tracer, because she’ll also need to leave the area as the bomb can damage her as well. This leaves her incredibly vulnerable.


12. “Ryuugekiken”

genji ultimate quote


Genji’s Katana Ultimate is powerful and brutal. It lasts ten seconds, and you’ll have little chance of countering it if he has you in his sights. Run away!


11. “Ryuu-ga, Wa-ga-te-ki-wo, Ku-ra-u”

hanzo ultimate quote


Hanzo’s Ultimate quote is pretty terrifying when you hear it, but the effectiveness of the Ultimate relies on the angle the player has aimed it at, and how many enemies are directly in its line of fire. Generally, it’s pretty easy to get out of the way pretty quickly.

Whenever you hear Hanzo scream this, be vigilante and keep an eye out for the giant dragon coming your way.


10. “Eat This!”

roadhog ultimate quote


Roadhog’s Gatling Gun Ultimate is powerful, and you should most definitely get out of the way as quickly as possible as soon as you hear him murmur this quote, or when you hear the constant barrage of bullets firing (it’s a very distinctive sound). His Ultimate is hard to control with insane recoil, but that does’t mean that you shouldn’t get out of the way at all costs!



winston ultimate quote


Few people know how to really utilise Winston’s Ultimate, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run like hell whenever you hear his terrifying roar.

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He gains 1000 health, can use his jetpack at will, and can punch and kick you flying into the air as he enters into an animalistic and invincible fit of rage. Steer clear, and get out of his way!


8. “Meteor Strike!’


If only Doomfist was more viable than he is. Still, his ultimate is the cause of much panic, because, unlike other Ultimates, you can never really know where he’s going to land. And if he manages to pick you off and get a perfect landing, you likely won’t survive.


7. “It’s High Noon”

mccree ultimate quote


The terrifying thing about McCree’s Ultimate quote is that as soon as you hear it, you don’t really know whether or not you’re in his line of sight. Once he locks on to you, you’re basically dead.

He can lock on from significant distances, so as soon as you hear this quote, move into a building or behind cover as quickly as possible.


6. “I’ve Got You In My Sights!”

soldier 76 ultimate quote


Similar to McCree’s Ultimate, but mostly only effective at short range, which is terrifying if you’re trying to attack an objective. He will lock on and simply won’t miss a target, even if you’re moving around. Like McCree, run away and move inside quickly.

His Ultimate is far more versatile as he can move as he’s aiming, making it far more deadly overall compared to McCree’s.


5. “DIE, DIE, DIE!”

reaper ultimate quote


This Ultimate is devastating and potentially game-ending. It can take out multiple enemies at once, and if used in collaboration with Reaper’s Shadow Step or Wraith Form is one of Overwatch’s best Ultimates.

Be wary, break any line of sight with Reaper, and if possible, try to take him out during the Ultimate, as he’s incredibly vulnerable during that moment.


4. “Justice Rains From Above!”

pharah ultimate quote


If Pharah is propelled into the sky and has a good view of an area, then her Ultimate is devastating and hard to avoid. Head inside, and break line of sight as quickly as you can.

Her constant barrage of explosives can be devastating for your team, and certainly match-ending.


3. “Fire In The Hole!”

junkrat ultimate quote


Junkrat’s explosive wheel is easy to take down with a couple of shots, but it’s hard to keep track of because it’s moving so fast. As soon as you hear the quote and grumbling sound of the engine, you can’t help but panic as you frantically look around for the demonic death wheel.

The best thing to do is corner yourself and get ready to shoot from a distance if you see it coming.


2. “Du do do doooo do DUUUU”

bastion ultimate quote


Bastion’s tank form is powerful, explosive and deadly. His shield gets a small boost, but even trying to take that down is tough as his constant barrage of missiles blinds your line of sight.

The best thing to do is move in zigzags and run away as far as possible: only a group effort will take this bad boy down.


1. “Nerf This!”

dva ultimate quote


There’s actually nothing funnier in Overwatch than seeing an entire team scramble around trying to run away from D.Va’s exploding mech. The explosion radius isn’t massive, but slower characters may struggle to get out of the way before it goes off.

Sometimes it’s just better to accept your fate.


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