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9 Days Until Uncharted 4: Single-Player Campaign Clocks In At 14 Hours

With a little over a week until the year’s biggest release so far, Uncharted 4, hits PlayStation 4, tidbits are leaking out from around the globe, including reports of the Uncharted 4 campaign length.

The unfortunate theft of a shipment of Uncharted 4 copies means some lucky (and sneaky) gamers around the world are among the first to play Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated conclusion to the action-adventure series.

As expected, however, with the theft comes a host of new details about the game, as those in possession of Uncharted 4 through unofficial means aren’t bound by Sony’s embargo, which ends in four days.

In a report posted on PS4Daily, someone who has played and completed the game claims to have done so in around 14 hours. They say anyone with experience with the Uncharted franchise should be able to complete it in around the same amount of time.

The person says the chapters are longer than in previous entries, and that they feel “more meaningful” and “more distinct”, whatever that means.

They’ve also provided some stunning screenshots from the game in action, showcasing just how amazing the game looks. Check them out below.

Uncharted 4 screenshots

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Sunday 1st of May 2016

Going the whole nine yards on this!

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