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Team Na’Vi win World of Tanks 2016 Grand Final

Ukrainian gaming team Na’Vi has netted US$150,000 after taking out first place at the World of Tanks 2016 Grand Final.

Team Na’Vi beat out the HellRaisers in a nailbiting finish, which ended in a 7-6 victory for the Ukrainians.

Taking place at the Torwar Hall in Warsaw, Poland, the event saw 2015 champions HellRaisers and 2014 champions Na’Vi taking out Gold Bass 5:0 and 5:1, respectively, while Wombats on Tanks, who finished third overall and netted US$35,000, rolled over SIMP and Red Canids 5:0 and 5:1.

North American team eClipse were beaten by Kazna Kru 3:5 and Tornado.Rox 1:5.

Gold Bass, eClipse, Red Canids and EL Gaming ended their run for glory on day one of the event. Chinese team EL Gaming had finish second last year but couldn’t match that effort at the 2016 event. Both they and South Korean team Gold Bass earned the most points at the World of Tanks Asia Pacific Season 2 final last month, which earned them a place in Warsaw.

“Grand Finals is getting bigger and better each year,” said Mo Fadl, Head of Competitive Gaming at Wargaming. “It’s a great venue for us to share our eSports passion with the world. The teams gave their all this year, and we’re really proud of them. We hold the League and ourselves to really high standards, and are always striving to provide top quality entertainment for our fans.”

Here are the final standings for the event.

· 1st Place — US$150,000 — Na’Vi

· 2nd Place — US$75,000 — HellRaisers

· 3rd Place — US$35,000 — Wombats on Tanks

· 4th Place — US$20,000 — Not So Serious

· 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th place — US$5,000 — Tornado.Rox, YaTo, SIMP and Kazna Kru.


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