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Fallout 4 Hazmat Suit Location: +1000 Radiation protection

The Commonwealth can be a hostile place, what with the all the giant mutant crabs, bugs and other creepy stuff ready to rip your head off (not to mention give you an unhealthy dose of radiation poisoning while they’re at it).

It’s best then that you equip yourself with the likes of RAD-X, a chemical that reduces the danger of radiation, and RadAway, which completely wipes away any radiation in your body.

But there’s one protection against radiation to rule them all: the Hazmat Suit.

This heavy beast of a suit doesn’t offer you much protection against enemies, but it will protect you against radiation, and is especially useful when tackling The Glowing Sea quest.

Here’s how to find it.


1. Make sure you have RadAway and RAD-X stocked up.

2. Stock up on grenades. Any kind.

3. Head out to Hugo’s Hole, which is in the east.

fallout 4 hazmat suit location

4. Throw a grenade into the walk way to disarm the mines, tripwires and sentry gun.

fallout 4 hazmat suit location

5. Walk to the end of the walk way to find the Hazmat Suit.

fallout 4 hazmat suit location

fallout 4 hazmat suit location


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