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Fallout 4 Fat Man and Mini Nuke Location Guide

The Fat Man should be an important part of any wanderer’s arsenal while venturing out into the wasteland. The Mini Nuke-launcher is a powerful weapon that can quickly turn a battle in your favour.

Mini nuke’s might seem like a rare commodity out in the wasteland but there are many places you can pick up some ammo for your Fat Man.

TIP: When confronted by a Super Mutant Suicider (those are the crazy mutants running towards you with an activated red glowing mini nuke in their right arm), aim for their head, torso and left arm. If you can put them down before they get close enough to detonate their nuke, they’ll drop their ammo, allowing you to pick up the sweet, sweet Mini Nuke for your own use.

Fat Man Stats

Damage: 468

Ammo: Mini Nuke

Fire Rate: 1

Range: 117

Accuracy: 63

Weight: 30.77

Value: 512



Attached Mods: MIRV Launcher

Change: Shoots a cluster of Mini Nukes into the air, showering multiple enemies, or allowing you to focus the shower on one enemy.

Damage: 18

Ammo: Mini Nuke

Fire Rate: 1

Range: 117

Accuracy: 63

Weight: 36

Value: 650

Fat Man & Mini Nuke Ammo Locations

The below map shows the location of both/either of the Fat Man and Mini Nuke. In most cases, you can find both in the same location. Please refer to the reference number below the map for more specific location details.

NOTE: Some locations require you to have either started or completed a certain question. 1.20 at the The Castle, for example, requires you to have accessed the Castle’s armory via a quest before you can gain access to the room holding the Fat Man. You may also need Hacker and Lockpick skills above your current skill level.



Location: Robotics Disposal Ground

There’s a pile of tires near the east entrance that holds a Mini Nuke. For the Fat Man, head over to the rusting cars to the northwest of the Sentry bot.


Location: Malden Center

A Mini Nuke and Fatman can be found on the Station, level 1 to the south, near an ammo crate.


Location: Revere Satellite Array

You’ll find a Fat Man and some Power Amor at the top of the satellite to the north-east of this area (top-right corner satellite). There’s a Super Mutant Suicider in this location, so if you kill them without them exploding, you can snag a Mini Nuke as well.


Location: Arcjet Systems

There’s a lot of loot to be found here. Make sure you search every single room, because they’re a lot to find. The Fat Man is located on levels 1 and 2.


Location: Fort Hagen

Unless you are a Master hacker to gain access to the armory, you’ll need to find the toolbox in the pipe duct to the southwest. In this you’ll find the password to the terminal. The Fat Man is located in the Command Center.


Location: Boston Mayoral Shelter

Look for the Fat Man on the Main Level in the central part of the area.


Location: Salem

Head to Rook Military Surplus in near the north. There’s a Fat Man inside.


Location: Boston Airport


Location: Prydwen

Find 5x Mini Nukes and a Fat Man on level 2.


Location: Fort Strong

This is a really good place to stock up on Mini Nukes. Multiple locations (some protected by Super Mutants) have multiple nukes. South-west of level 1, North on Level 1, and North-east on the sub-level.


Location: South Boston Military Checkpoint

There’s a truck trailer at this location that houses a Fat Man. There’s a terminal around the back that houses Power Armor and a Mini Nuke, although you’ll need to be an Expert hacker to crack it.


Location: Gunners Plaza

You can find two Mini Nukes and a Fat Man in the south-central location on level 2.


Location: Quincy Ruins

Sturges’ Church to the west, you can find a Gunner called Baker. He carries a Fat Man.


Location: Spectacle Island

There’s a rusting boat to the south, which holds a Fat Man and a Bobblehead.


Location: Greenetech Genetics

This area can only be accessed after playing a specific quest. There’s a Fat Man located on a trunk near the stairs, which will lead to a door that takes you to the roof of the building and back out to the Commonwealth.


Location: Ticonderoga Safehouse

Mini Nuke and Fat Man are located on the sixth floor, but be sure to check every level for lots of great loot.


Location: Badtfl Regional Office

There’s a massive haul of items in here. The Mini Nuke and Fat Man is located to the east. When you first enter, walk through the main entrance and to the right.


Location: Cabot House

You can explore this property, but anything you take would be stealing…but who cares: you can snag a Fat Man and ammo in this house.


Location: D.B. Technical High School

You can find Mini Nukes and the Fat Man in the Basement and on Level 1.


Location: The Castle

You can find Mini Nuke and a Fat Man in the western point of the star castle structure.

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