Fallout 4 Bobblehead Locations Fallout 4 Bobblehead Locations
Bobbleheads are scattered throughout the wasteland in Fallout 4. If you come across one, they will grant you a permanent perk reflective of each... Fallout 4 Bobblehead Locations

Bobbleheads are scattered throughout the wasteland in Fallout 4. If you come across one, they will grant you a permanent perk reflective of each Bobblehead’s specific effect.

You can put them on display on custom-made Bobblehead stands, or hold onto them (they have zero weight) if you feel like keeping them close.

Bobblehead Types and Effects

NOTE: All Bobbleheads have a weight of zero and a value of 300. All effects are permanent.

AgilityAgility increased by 1
BarterPrices are 5% better
Big Guns+25% critical damage with heavy weapons
CharismaCharisma increased by 1
EnduranceEndurance increased by 1
Energy Weapons+25% critical damage with energy weapons
Explosive+15% with explosives
IntelligenceIntelligence increased by 1
LockpickingLockping permanently easier
LuckLuck increased by 1
MedicineStimpacks heal 10% more damage
Melee+25% critical damage with melee weapons
PerceptionPerception increased by 1
RepairFusion Cores last 10% longer
ScienceOne extra guess when hacking terminals
Small Guns+25% critical damage with ballistic guns
Sneak10% harder to detect
SpeechVendors have 100 more Caps for bartering
StrengthStrength increased by 1
UnarmedGain +25% critical damage with unarmed attacks


fallout 4 bobblehead locations

1.01 – Perception

Location: Museum of Freedom

Located on Level 3 of the Museum of Freedom

1.02 – Charisma

Location: Parsons State Insane Asylum

On Level 1 of the Parsons State Administration Building, near the staircase to the basement.

1.03 – Explosives

Location: Saugus Ironworks

Located in the Saugus Blast Furnace.

1.04 – Science

Location: Malden Middle School

Located on the basement’s third level inside the vault building on a desk.

1.05 – Repair

Location: Corvega Assembly Plant

Head to the southwest section of the plant. Located on the highest catwalk.

1.06 – Energy Weapons

Location: Fort Hagen

Located in the Fort Hagen Command Center, in the kitchens.

1.07 – Medicine

Location: Vault 81

Head to Curie’s office in the southeast corner of the vault.

1.08 – Sneak

Location: Dunwich Borers

Located on the metal post terminal for area four, on a metal table. In Basement level 2.

1.09 – Barter

Location: Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery

Located in the main cannery room in the northwest upper section.

1.10 – Big Guns

Location: Vault 95

Head to the living quarters. It’s on top of a radio in the northernmost room.

1.11 – Small Guns

Location: Gunners Plaza

Located on the west side of the ground floor inside the “on-air” room.

1.12 – Unarmed

Location: Atom Cats Garage

Located in the main warehouse on a rusting car.

1.13 – Endurance

Location: Poseidon Energy

Located in the central metal catwalk on top of a steamer trunk.

1.14 – Agility

Location: Wreck of the FMS Northern Star

Head to the very end of the top deck. It’s located past the huts, on a wooden platform.

1.15 – Intelligence

Location: Boston Library

Located in the mechanical room.

1.16 – Melee

Location: Trinity Tower

Located at the top of the tower in the cage where Strong and Rex are being held.

1.17 – Speech

Location: Park Street Station

Located in the Overseer’s Office inside vault 114.

1.18 – Strength

Location: Mass Fusion Building

Located in the lobby, above a desk on a structure.

1.19 – Lockpicking

Location: Pickman Gallery

Located in the last tunnel area where you first meet Pickman.

1.20 – Luck

Location: Spectacle Island

Look for a green board in the southern point of the island.

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