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The Team

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Gaetano Prestia

Gaetano is the founder and editor-in-chief of Fenix Bazaar. He has more than ten years experience covering video games and tech, having previously helmed MMGN before its closure in early 2016.

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Josh Joseph

Josh was born and raised as a Nintendo fan, but isn’t afraid to step into the alien worlds of the Sony and PC gaming scene. In fact, his favourite series is Persona, yet he would drop everything for Zelda. He secretly enjoys watching Japanese dramas while he designs and draws characters, just ’cause.

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Ben Salter

Ben is a Fenix Bazaar contributor. A former editor of, Ben now spends his days hoping Nintendo doesn’t do something ridiculous with NX, and pointlessly writing modern-day Seinfeld episodes (on the back of coasters at the pub).

Follow him on Twitter.

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Nathan Misa

Nathan is a contributor for Fenix Bazaar and former writer for MMGN. A fan of all consoles and PC gaming, you’ll most likely find him reviewing or ranting about anything related to the words ‘RPG’ or ‘Fallout.

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Jayden Williams

Jayden is Fenix Bazaar’s resident Pokemon fanatic, and he wishes they were real. He often sits back dreaming of having his own Charizard while drinking whiskey: always on the rocks. Strongly opposed to hype trains, he will gladly jump aboard if it’s related to Nintendo or Mass Effect. But he won’t pre-order. Yuck.

Follow him on Twitter.