Another 3DS to the family

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      My daughter has her 4th birthday on New Years day. The last couple of years her birthday sort of snuck up on us due to the Xmas period, so we thought we’d get out in front this time.

      She played the Wii U heaps when we had that, mainly Mario. She has also been crapping on and on about this bloody Teddy Together game she has apparently seen advertised on the TV. Did some research on the game and I’m 100% certain she is going to play the crap out of it.

      Thought about having her wait for the Switch but March is too far from her birthday. (and I’ll be damned if I’m not the 1st to get a new release Nintendo console in my house)

      Ordered her a bright pink new 3DS XL (releases 10th Nov). Cashed in a couple gift cards to make it hurt a lot less.

      The 2DS was hard to pass up given it was like $150 with a game. But coupling the facts that her brother has a 3DSXL (well the one he has commandeered off me, he really owns a standard 3DS), and the new 3DS has fantasticly huge screens in comparison to the 2DS I just couldn’t pass it up.

      Anyway, hopefully the picture works below. She’s going to love it.

      Pink 3ds

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        Neat bright colour, good timing too.

        I believe the 3D effect in the “new” 3DS’s works a lot better than the original ones, I have an original XL and never use the 3D.

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          So we got to open this up today finally being the big day for my little girl.

          Downloaded Mario 3D Land straight away as she loved the Wii U game.

          All I can say is I’m super jealous. The new 3ds XL really is a nice bit of kit and is much better than my scummy old blue 3ds xl. The 3D works superbly. To the point where I don’t mind the kids playing on it for short periods of time every now and then. It’s amazing how good some games can be while others not so much.

          For instance, I put Majoras Mask in there and it looks fantastic in 3D. Super Mario 3D Land, not so much.

          That Teddy Bear game is some scary stuff though. It talks in a soft evil little voice. What’s worse, is it gets to know your kid via questions it asks and answers received. I have this sinking feeling it’s going to tell my kids to poke my eye out while I’m sleeping, or steal my credit card.

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            I recently upgraded from a 2DS to an orange new 3ds and I’m blown away, I never use to get much use out of my 2ds but the 3ds has been running in overtime haha.

            I’ve got pokemon sun and it surprised me how fun and different it is feom the others. Reminds me of the coloseum graphics (when your walking around and stuff). I havent finished it yet just taking my time, only finished up to the third trial I think.

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              New 3DS really improved 3D – it’s what it should have been from the start. Otherwise it’s not really any different. The nub is barely used (and frankly it’s pretty bad anyway) and the extra R/L buttons aren’t really used at all. Still, it does run slightly faster. Definitely notice it in Pokemon compared to my housemate on regular 3DS XL, which has a little more slowdown (clearly Pokemon is pushing 3DS to its limit, hence the no 3D, and I suspect has been watered down a bit because it was also developed with a superior Switch version in mind).

              I think you’re right to go for 3DS over Switch for a young kid though. Haven’t actually played a Switch yet (but I’ll get to next week and report back!), but from looking at it, I think it’ll be a lot more expensive than 3DS and probably not as kid friendly. The 2DS is super kid friendly – I did a bounce test and it’s basically indestructible, it’s the Nokia 3310 of handhelds – but the regular 3DS is pretty durable too, as long as the hinges don’t get damaged. Switch might be a bit more prone to breakage with a HD screen that’s always exposed and parts that are meant to be detached, probably making them less sturdy. Plus, maybe it’s different for the iPad generation, but I was always a generation or two behind in consoles/handhelds when I was a kid, until I was about 14, and I didn’t really care that I was playing last-gen games. They were new to me.

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                I didn’t really care that I was playing last-gen games. They were new to me.

                Yeah true. My son gets excited when he finds a different DS spiderman game which he can play on his 3DS. We used to love scratching through the Wii games when we had a Wii U too.

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