Raspberry Pi 3 retro console

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      I’m unsure if I’m allowed to post this here given the grey legal area behind the use of retro ROMs etc……so please feel free to delete if this post is inappropriate.

      I’m about to embark on a DIY project in taking a Raspberry Pi 3 and using it to create a retro console jam packed full of games from all my favourite systems from the past. I figure the money I spend on this will be saved over the long run by not having to buy VC games anymore.

      Now this sort of thing I’m trying to do isn’t new, there are plenty of guides on the net so I’m not going to post a how to, rather give my experience on doing it myself.

      Anyone else here done something similar?

      The idea came from the NES mini, and how it doesn’t have my favourite games preloaded.

      First off I’m just going to make a simple console that plugs into power and into a TV’s HDMI port. Once I get that going, and if it turns out well I might take it further and convert it into a portable console. I’d like to have it look like one of those portable DVD players you see for kids. A flip case scenario with maybe a 10 inch screen. Two controllers can be plugged into it, as well as power, but an internal battery will also be installed to enable use away from the power point. Though I’m thinking to do this I’m going to need to source a custom case for it all. Maybe 3D print one I guess.

      Anyway……..this project of mine will take time coming into the Xmas period. But I’ll update my experience as I go.

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        Please do. I’ve generated a growing interest in mod and retro consoles since the release of the NES Classic Edition.

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          How much info do you need?

          Some useful links:

          There should be no comment moderation for Raspberry Pi info/code. Direct links to ROM downloads, different story.

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