Board games based on video games

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      I enjoy the jigsaw-puzzly Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game, which was partially made in-house at Valve.

      I wish Doom and Gears of War were still in print, because they looked like my kind of ticket into missiony dungeon crawlers.

      I hear X-COM is very good with the way it utilises an app to direct the game and keep things tense, but may die because of evolving OSes.

      And now, a miniature-heavy Dark Souls dungeon crawler was announced on Kickstarter. As much as I want it, €80 +€28 per Big Boss expansion too much for me after my recent spending spree.

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        The only one I’ve played was XCOM: Enemy Unknown, pretty great. Can’t think of any other board games based on games that I’ve played.

        Here’s a good review of that:

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          XCOM is good, but geez the learning curve is toooooough

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