Overwatch Season 24 Now Live: It’s Roadhog Season

Season 24 of Overwatch Competitive Play stands to be the most frustrating and divisive in the game’s history. Here’s what you need to know.

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta date may be early October
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (I will never get used to writing that whole title out) is the unsurprising Call of Duty 2020 offering we’ve long been waiting for. And we may get our hands on it very soon if the latest leaks are anything to go... Read more
NBA 2K21 will feature female MyPlayer Builder on Xbox Series X, PS5

With NBA 2K21, it appears we’re a step closer towards being about to guide female players through to the WNBA.

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NBA 2K21 LeBron James build guide

The ultimate build guide to create a Slashing Playmaker LeBron James in the NBA 2K21 MyPlayer Builder.

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Call of Duty 2020 isn’t fooling anyone: Do we have another Modern Warfare 3 fiasco on the horizon?
It’s August, typically only three months out from the annual Call of Duty release, and we still don’t have an official reveal for Call of Duty 2020. What we do have is a series of drawn out puzzles, viral marketing campaigns and hidden Easter eggs, which some appear to... Read more
Overwatch Torbjorn turret glitch is a true game breaker
If you thought Torbjorn couldn’t possibly get any more annoying, you clearly haven’t experienced the most recent game-breaking bug plaguing Overwatch. This latest glitch sees Torb’s trusty old turret flung into an unseen dimension, all the while still inflicting endless amounts of infuriating damage upon frustrated opponents. Torbjorn has... Read more
Overwatch patch notes: Update brings Summer Games 2020, queue wait time fix
The latest patch notes for Overwatch unearth a host of new fixes, additions and bugs, namely a refinement to the game’s matchmaking system for whenever you “backfill” a match when a player leaves. The introduction of Summer Games 2020 brings with it a host of new skins as well... Read more
Overwatch Summer Games 2020 Legendary Skins and details

The latest Overwatch event is here, with the Summer Games having returned for 2020 with a stack of new Legendary Skins also now on offer.

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Modern Warfare 2 Remastered multiplayer ‘very different to the original’
The release of Modern Warfare 2‘s remastered campaign on PlayStation 4 — and forthcoming release on Xbox One and PC — came as somewhat of a surprise, if not due to the fact we didn’t quite see it coming, than because it didn’t include the game’s more popular and... Read more
Battlefront 2 Original Trilogy content coming soon

Battlefront 2 players are set for an influx of Original Trilogy content in the coming weeks, with the likes of Scarif from Rogue One and Death Star II all but confirmed.

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