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Overwatch Bunker meta could lead to the end of GOATS
The Overwatch GOATS meta could be coming to a close with the rise of the Bunker comp since Baptiste's arrival, but is it really for the best? Read more
Overwatch patch notes: Baptiste added as Blizzard looks to counter GOATS meta
The newest hero has now joined the Overwatch roster. Here's how the release of Baptiste changes the meta. Read more
Overwatch GOATS: Baptiste’s Addition Has Controversial Team Comp Here To Stay
What exactly is GOATS in Overwatch? And what impact has it had on the game? Read more
Overwatch patch notes brings the ban hammer on Competitive leavers and quitters
It's probably three years too late, but Overwatch fans now finally have a much firmer and harsher penalty for leavers and quitters in Competitive Play. Read more
Overwatch patch notes: Roadhog has been nerfed again
It didn't take long before Blizzard buckled to the pressure: Roadhog has been nerfed back down to the ground in Overwatch following a sudden thrust back into the meta spotlight. Read more
Overwatch Season 24 Now Live: It’s Roadhog Season
Season 24 of Overwatch Competitive Play stands to be the most frustrating and divisive in the game's history. Here's what you need to know. Read more
Overwatch Support Tier List: Season 23 Anti-Shield Meta
There's a new meta in town in Overwatch, and it's shaking up things considerably. The latest patch brought with it a distinctive focus on ridding the competitive scene of shields, in particularly a double-shield team comp. That means the likes of Orisa and Sigma have been met by the Nerf fairy. Read more
Overwatch patch notes: August 13 update nerfs Brig and shields, buffs Zenyatta
Zenyatta mains, rejoice: the buff you've been waiting for has finally arrived! Read more
Overwatch Role Queue: Sorry, DPS mains, you’re not entitled to low wait times
It may be time for some DPS mains to come back down to earth and play on the community's terms, because they aren't entitled to low wait times. Read more
Overwatch patch notes: Role Queue live, Sigma joins the ranks
The latest patch brings with it the much-hyped Role Queue, hero 31 in Sigma, as well as a host of new changes and hero buffs/nerfs that stand to significantly change the Overwatch experience. Read more