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Borderlands 3’s villains: Who are they?

The first Borderlands 3 trailer revealed a lot without showing much, the latest trailer finally gave us the release date, and Epic Games Store exclusivity confirmation. We’ve now also got confirmation as to the characters and classes of the game’s Vault Hunters, and also Borderland 3‘s villains.

Our villains in Borderlands 3, as far as we know so far, are Troy and Tyreen. These siblings are leaders, or at least influential figures in the Children of the Vault, an evil cult we can assume given the sinister nature of their name (because anything that starts with “Children of the …” is automatically evil).

borderlands 3 villains

Interestingly, both Tyreen and Troy are rumored to be Sirens: interesting because Troy is, we can assume, male, and only females can be Sirens. This would make Troy the first male to be a Siren, which turns a lot of the narrative and lore around Sirens completely on its head.

We can’t be sure what exactly this duo wants or is up to, but we can get an inkling based on what the trailer tells us about Children of the Corn … I mean Vault.

borderlands 3 villains

It’s clear that this cult is made up of Pandora’s ever-sinister psychos, recruited into the cult thanks to the powerful propaganda branding scattered across the place.

What is perhaps most intriguing about both Troy and Tyreen, and the Children of the Vault, is how they will tie in with the seemingly AI-controlled, mech-based faction we see throughout the trailer at different points. These mechs have an “M” on them, which points to the Maliwan, a weapons manufacturer from the first Borderlands game.

borderlands 3 villains

And then this all ties into everyone’s favourite villain, and arguably the face of the Borderlands series in Handsome Jack. He’s hinted at in the trailer, although Gearbox has been clear that he was included simply because they’re “jerks” (Randy Pitchford’s comments, not mine). Borderlands fans haven’t given up on his inclusion, however, and the ECHO brand — the same company that created an eye implant with Handsome Jack’s AI imprinted on it — can be seen in the trailer.

Read more about Borderlands 3‘s characters, and check out the latest gameplay trailer ahead of the game’s release on September 13.

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