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Persona 5 confidant guide: How to find them and rank up fast

Persona 5‘s Confidants are the game’s unique spin on Social Links, that, when established and built upon, give you additional abilities and bonuses, as well as items. Ask any Persona fan and they’ll tell you bluntly how important confidants are to the broader experience.

Hanging out with confidants is something you’ll do quite a bit of in Persona 5. You’ll often find that when a confidant wants to hang out, they’ll send you a text. This can occasionally be simply a means to enhance your character’s social link with the confidant, but often you’ll find yourself having to search around in order to hang out with them.

How to find a confidant

In Persona 5, the best way to find a confidant and avoid searching around mindlessly for them is to up your map and looking for the a blue card icon. Pressing Square will show you which confidant is available at the location

There are a few additional features here you need to know about. If a confidant has the word “Up” next to them, this means you can rank up by hanging out with them.

If the name has nothing next to it, this means you are yet to establish a social link, and will probably need to speak to them in order to meet the necessary requirement. If the name is blue but the word “Up” doesn’t appear, this means you’ll need to hang out with the confidant a little more in order to get the next rank.

Persona 5 changes the confidant system up a bit by making them less predictable to manage. There is a general guide as to when they are available, but there are many variable also at play that can influence their location and timing.

Tips to rank up fast

As in real life, if you want to get the most out of your time hanging out with someone you want to choose a spot that’s fun and entertaining. Doing so in Persona 5 will actually grant you additional bonus reputation.

It’s important that you have a persona in your inventory that matches the Arcana of the social link. Not doing this after having established automatic/initial ranks can cost you some hefty bonus points.

Confident location, ranking and availability

The below chart should help you in finding and establishing social links with confidants.

Arcana Name First Rank Available From
Fool Igor 4/12 Automatic
Magician Morgana 4/15 Automatic
Priestess Makoto N. Player Initiated 6/24
Empress Haru O. Player Initiated 11/2
Emperor Yusuke K. Player Initiated 6/18
Hierophant Sojiro S. Player Initiated 4/24
Lovers Ann T. 4/15 5/6
Chariot Ryuji S. 4/12 4/19
Justice Goro A. 6/10 Automatic
Hermit Futaba S. 8/31 9/2
Fortune Chihaya H. Player Initiated 6/19
Strength Justine & Caroline Player Initiated 5/18, Conditional
Hanged Munehisa I. Player Initiated 5/6
Death Tae T. Player Initiated 4/18
Temperance Sadayo K. Player Initiated 5/27
Devil Ichiko O. Player Initiated 6/25
Tower Shinya O. Player Initiated 9/5
Star Hifumi T. Player Initiated 6/26
Moon Yuuki M. 5/6 Conditional
Sun Toranosuke Y. Player Initiated 5/6-5/8
Judgement Sae N. 7/9 Automatic

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