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LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens Minikits Collectibles Location Guide

LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens Minikits Collectibles Location Guide

Our in-depth guide to find every Minikits collectible in LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens.

These minikits aren’t easy to find, and so hopefully our guide can help you find each and every one of them!

We’ve divided this guide up into pages, to make it easier for you to differentiate between each level. We’ve also linked below to each specific Chapter, so be sure to click through to the corresponding Chapter to ensure you’re on the right page and searching in the right area.

We have a stack of other LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens guides, so be sure to check them out in your battle against the evil Empire! We’ve linked to our favourite guides below in the middle of this article.


Chapter I: Assault on Jakku minikits locations

Minikit #1: Move to the left and destroy all LEGO and the silver LEGO tower. Create a pad for BB-8 and activate it. Do this three times, with the final one activating a glowing ball, which you’ll need to push into the goal for the minikit.

Minikit #2: Use the smashed LEGO to build three barrels around the village.

Minikit #3: Head up the swivel staircase to the small hut to construct the weapon crate and unlock the minikit.

Minikit #4: Use Chewie after the First Order Assault sequence to destroy the three LEGO towers.

Minikit #5: To the left of the fire, destroy the LEGO.


Minikit #6: Look for a LEGO barrel next to one of the landed crafts. Using Rey or Luke, build using the bricks to earn the kit.

Minikit #7: Look for the crashed ship to the left. Smash all the LEGO and build a platform for BB-8. Using that platform will open the ship’s door for the minikit.

Minikit #8: Look for the gold brick in the courtyard near the flamethrower trooper. Smash the gold object with Captain Phasma for the minikit.

Minikit #9: Stay in the same area as above and look for a tine pond. Using Admiral Ackbar, jump in, smash the green crate and build a resistance terminal with the brick. Match the symbols to unlock the minikit.

Minikit #10: In the burning village, search to the left for a home with orange handles. Pull the door open to find the minikit.


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