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Fallout 4’s The Glowing Sea quest guide

It’s no secret that the world in Fallout 4 is hostile towards your very existence. The Commonwealth is littered with dangerous foes and irradiated land.

One quest in particular really puts your survival skills to the test: The Glowing Sea quest, which is the third quest in the second act of the Main Quest line of missions.

In this mission, you have to venture outside the boundaries of the Commonwealth to The Glowing Sea, a highly irradiated area that will almost certainly kill you if you’re not properly equipped.

The main goal of the quest are pretty simple: locate an escaped Institute scientist named Virgil.

There are a number of safety precautions you should take before even contemplating this mission.

Preparing for The Glowing Sea

1. Ensure you have the Hazmat Suit equipped. This suit offers +1000 protection and will house you from the region’s hostile conditions. Find out where to find a Hazmat Suit here.

2. Stock up on RAD-X and RADAWAY. Before you enter the region, hit up some RAD-X, and use the RADAWAY whenever attacked by enemies.

3. Ensure you come fully stocked with ammunition. The Hazmat suit offers little protection from enemies, so you’ll need to fight off Radscorpions, Feral Ghouls, and other irradiated wildlife.

The Quest

Follow your Pip-Boy down to the south-eastern most point of the map. Once you reach this point, your map will update with a new location, buried deep in The Glowing Sea.

Before you reach your location, you’ll cross through the Crater of Atom. Make sure you lower your weapon here, as you’re trespassing on holy ground. You can use violence to pass through, but it’s best just to keep the peace at this point.

Speak with Mother Isolde, and if you’re skilled enough, persuade her to give you as much as information as she has.

Venture to the Rocky Cave, which is to the south-west of the Creator of Atom.

There’s a Deathclaw roaming around this area, so be careful!

In this cave you’ll find Virgil, who will provide information about the Institution. There is an optional quest attached to this that won’t help your overall Quest requirements, but you can help Virgil find a serum for his mutation.

You can kill Virgil if you please, but you don’t need to: you can steal his Rifle, which is a very effective weapon against tougher foe out in the Commonwealth.

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