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The Phantom Pain dog companion: How to unlock

“D-Dog” might sound like something you’d call your best friend, but in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, it’s, quite literally, Big Boss’ most important living asset in battle.

D-Dog, or “DD”, has the ability to detect points of interest, and will place provisional markers on all soldiers, prisoners, animals, weapons and vehicles within a fairly large battlefield radius.

He’ll even make it easier to find medicinal plants and mines, marking them on your iDroid map automatically.

How To Unlock DD

1. Complete Mission 02.

2. Once you complete the mission, a puppy will appear near the deployment points of Missions 03, 04 and 05. If you choose to free-roam, the puppy will appear automatically at these points:

– Shago Village

– East Communications Post

– Wakh Sing Barracks

3. Once you find the puppy, tranquillize him and use the Fulton recovery to send back to base.

4. Return to Mother Base. Watch the cutscene with Ocelot and the puppy.

5. You’ll then need to complete six missions. You can replay old ones if you wish, but at least three of the six must be from Missions 07, 08, 09 and 10.

6. Return to Mother Base, and then leave immediately. A cutscene will trigger with Ocelot and DD.

DD’s Scouting Skills

The stronger your bond with DD, the wider his scouting range and deeper his skill tree.

– A bond of <25% has a scouting distance of 60m.

– A bond of 25%-50% has a scouting distance of 80m.

– A bond of 50%-75% has a scouting distance of 100m.

– A bond of >75% has a scouting distance 120m

DD Skills

Wait: No requirement. DD will wait at the position. The stronger your bond with DD, the further you can move away before he comes back to you.

Whistle: No requirement. DD comes to your current location.

DD: No requirement. DD comes to your current location.

Bark: 25% bond requirement. DD will bark in an effort to attract enemy’s attention.

Keep ’em Busy: Naked equipment requirement. DD will attack an enemy in Big Boss’ central field of vision, and wait for you to intervene. If time expires, the enemy will raise an alarm.

Do it (kill enemy): Sneaking knife equipped requirement. DD will attacks with intention to kill.

Do it (knock out): Sneaking stun equipped requirement. DD attacks with intention to stun.

Do it (wound): Battle Dress equipped requirement. DD critically wounds enemy.

Get it: Tactical Fulton equipped requirement. DD recovers nearby human or animal and extracts using Fulton.

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