Independence Day Resurgence

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    Daniel Soul
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      It was pretty awful.

      Just saw it.

      It was…okay.

      I like how they set it up with multiple films, and that they’ll go into space and all that, but that white sphere thing and everything felt like a Matrix Creator moment to me.


      Pretty much this. Pisses me off how they just tried to explain everything and tie it all together with a bow. I liked the mystery surrounding their reasoning for invading.

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        Planning on seeing this tomorrow…..

        Should I save my pennies?

        Did you enjoy it?

        I thought it was a lot of fun. Not as good as the original but they never are!

        I went to the cinema, and they had changed the session times so I ended up ‘stumbling across it’ elsehwere

        And omg am I glad I did- WORST MOVIE EVER

        Basically just Liam Hemsworth sitting in the drivers seat grunting for an hour :/

        Story was outrageously rubbish

        What I found even worse about the whole thing is that Hollywood had asked Roland Emmerich to pen a sequel shortly after the release of Independence Day as it was so well received, and he had said he wouldn’t do it until he thought of a good enough story line……

        Wow, just wow

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        Master Fenix
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          I thought it was *okay*, nothing great. I didn’t appreciate the back story they through in there.

          You could tell they were desperate.

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            So desperate [cry]

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