Yakuza 0 review – Your initiation into a glamorous life of crime
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Steep Review – Riding the highs and lows of a risk taker
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Civilization VI review – Still evolving, still complex, still amazing
25 years after the launch of the original, Civilization VI proves Sid Meier and his crack team of strategy gaming experts have still got it. This is an epic turn-based strategy title full of complexity, depth and real-world history, and its several different 4X gameplay systems work in harmony to create one of the most engaging digital board games imaginable. Read more
Battlefield 1 review – The best Battlefield yet?
Battlefield 1 is the shooter to own this year. Its campaign is a well-rounded and suitably crafted anthology of Great War tales. Importantly, unlike Battlefield games before it, Battlefield 1 is worth owning for its campaign alone, with its added multiplayer depth there as an extra if you dare take the risk. Read more
Mafia 3 review – A powerful story can’t save this barren adventure
Mafia 3 stands out on the story front, and if you stick to its powerful story and main missions, you might find something here to like. Unfortunately, its barren game world, trivial side missions and mindless AI make it a tough game to recommend. It has a story to tell, one many of us probably need to hear. It’s just a shame that its message sometimes gets lost in its own noise. Read more
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