Super Mario Run guide: World Tour tips for becoming a faster, better runner Super Mario Run guide: World Tour tips for becoming a faster, better runner
Let's take a look at some important tips to ensure you get the most out of your Super Mario Run play. Super Mario Run guide: World Tour tips for becoming a faster, better runner

Super Mario Run is finally among us after a long, tortuous wait.

It’s out now on iOS platforms including iPhone and iPad, so if you’ve had a chance to check it out, hopefully our guides can help you along the way to becoming a better Super Mario Run player.

The key to achieving that is understanding that Super Mario Run is not like other Super Mario out there. Rather, it’s a “runner”, a type of game common on mobile devices.

“Runners” generally have the character automatically moving forward, and guided over and around obstacles by the player.

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In the case of Super Mario Run, Mario automatically vaults over enemies including Goombas, but taking out these enemies is actually a useful tactic to help you earn additional coins and features.

What separates Super Mario Run from most other games in the genre is that it invites exploration and planning, rather than simply constantly moving forward and hoping you have the skill to find every little secret scattered around the world.

The game actively encourages you to occasionally stop and plan your next move, which is an important feature, especially when it comes to collecting purple coins and the like.

Let’s take a look at some important tips to ensure you get the most out of your Super Mario Run play.

Basic Fundamentals

  1. Mario is constantly on the move in Super Mario Run. So, if you commit to a level, and start playing it, make sure you’re in a distraction-free environment!
  2. If you’ve missed a nearby coin or wall-jump, you can slow Mario down and slowly but surely move backwards by tapping the screen and moving your finger backwards. If you do this in a fast, consistent motion, Mario will move backwards. However, this will eat into the timer, so be wary when pulling off this move!
  3. If you ever see a gap in the walls above, always try to get up there by using a wall jump and propelling Mario upwards. These areas tend to house pink coins and other special secrets.
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Take Your Time

While there is a somewhat competitive element to Super Mario Run, you ideally want to be able to finish the game to the best of your own ability, and ensure you find every little secret, and take out every little enemy. To do this, you need to take your time, and utilise the pause blocks to plan your next move.


There is a timer you need to be mindful of, but it doesn’t actually clock down in real time, so it should never really be anything you need to worry about. Just take your time, use the pause blocks to try and plan your next move to get the most coins, and have fun!

There’s Always A Second Chance

The Pink Coins are collectibles that are scattered across each level. Once you collect all of them, they reset and are replaced by purple coins, but in different, harder-to-reach locations.

While the pause blocks and the game’s natural pacing makes these coins fairly easy to get, it’s similarly easy to miss them completely. Don’t worry too much, though: you can easily just return to the level and try to collect them a second time.

This carries onto our next point.

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Take The Time To Replay Levels

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If you miss coins, try and find the time to return to the level to collect the remaining pink ones. These coins reward you Toad Rally Tickets, which we’ll cover in another guide. Basically, these tickets grant you access to the Toad Rally, which is a new, exciting mode in Super Mario Run.

Don’t Panic If You See An Enemy

Super Mario Run is a runner, but it’s quite different compared to others in the genre.

While many other runners have you actively trying to avoid enemies, Super Mario Run doesn’t really care if you attack them or not because Mario will automatically vault over them.

However, you will be rewarded with coins if you tap the screen just as he approaches an enemy, and the more enemies you take out in an enemy, the more you’ll be rewarded at the end of the level.


Use Each Initial Run As A Test

The levels are all fairly short, so if you do miss any pinks coins and secrets, or aren’t happy with your overall score, you can always go back and complete it in a similarly short amount of time.

My tactic is to simply play a level, take note of any pink coins, and then return for a second playthrough. That way, I’m not frustrated if I miss a coin, and I’m not stressing myself with trying to get a perfect score on the first play.

Super Mario Run wants you to play through every level more than once, and that’s part of the fun!

Stay tuned for more Super Mario Run guides in the coming days!

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